Rules of the game


Buy and sell real world buildings to increase your wealth and become one of the richest players in the Neopolis Universe!

For the most competitive, become N°1 of the ranking of your city by buying the best buildings of your city, even N°1 of the world! The game ends after one month, and a new one starts the same day. This is called a season.

At the end of the season your buildings go back to the banks, but the higher your ranking at the end of the game, the more rewards you will get in the next season such as employees, landscaping plans, visas, neocash and upgrade modules!

Your ranking depends on the number of Community, Ecology and Aesthetics points obtained at the end of the game: It is the multiplication of these three types of points that determines your score. So, the more points you accumulate in the three categories, the higher your ranking!

Image de neocoins


Neocoins are needed to buy or upgrade buildings. You can earn them in 3 ways:

Owning buildings:
A building generates income every hour. If other players pass by, the income will be higher. Improving the building increases the income generated. You can also assign employees and build facilities!

Collect Neocoins on the map:
Neocoins are scattered around the city, go near them to get them. They reappear regularly around you.

Using maps:

Some cards allow you to increase the income generated by your buildings, increase the value of the coins collected around you, or even give you direct neocoins!

Icône CommunautéIcône EcologieIcône Esthétique


Points are needed to move up in the rankings. There are three different types of points: Community, Ecology and Aesthetics.

At the moment, you can earn them in 2 ways:

Level up your buildings:
A building that reaches level 100 allows you to buy your first tier. At this point, you will have to choose between getting a bonus income in Neocoins, or producing points of your choice.

To choose the type of points the building produces, you must
specialize it in Community, Ecology or Aesthetics. A random specialization is assigned to it when you buy it, you can change it once an hour.

You must continue to upgrade your building to unlock new levels, up to a maximum of 9.

Building Amenities:
At the beginning of the season, each building is generated with 3 random layouts that you can build if you have the corresponding plans. Some layouts produce points.

We recommend exploring the city throughout the season to find the buildings with the most amenities that you have plans for!


A building earns Neocoins every hour. It is possible to increase the level of your buildings in order to increase your income.
Each building has a popularity index: the more players pass by a building, the higher its popularity. Popularity is a multiplier of the building's income. If the building is more popular than the average building in your area, its popularity increases, so consider buying popular buildings to generate as much revenue as possible.

At the beginning of the game you can only own 3 buildings. To increase this limit, you can buy locations. You can sell one of your buildings to the bank for 75% of its value.

There are 6 types of buildings: restaurants, bars, offices, transport stations, stores and cultural buildings. The objects and the market price can affect their income, so pay attention to this before you build a new building.

The building sites represent the buildings under construction. The construction time of a building increases with each new building created, except for your first building which is built instantly. 

Monuments are unique buildings, which faithfully represent real-world monuments. They appear progressively during a game. Their levels count double in the score. We try to introduce new monuments as regularly as possible in the game.


It represents the value of all your buildings accumulated. Your wealth is not lost at the end of the season, it will accumulate with the previous season's wealth. It can only increase from one season to the next.

Accumulate buildings to climb the ladder of wealth!


If you wish, it is also possible to put your buildings up for auction in order to realize a capital gain. Put your building "on sale" in the auction room. It will remain in "for sale" status until another player bids for it or the owner withdraws it from the auction. At the first bid, the building goes "on auction" and a timer of 12 hours starts. At the end of the 12 hours, the highest bidder decides on the new owner. The former owner gets the Neocoins of the highest bid.


Each card has a unique effect, allowing you to get temporary bonuses or to make life difficult for other players. You'll find them on the map, and you can accumulate 25 of them in your deck. Neopass holders can accumulate up to 45.

Some examples of cards:
- Profits: Temporarily increases the income generated by your buildings
- Abundance: Temporarily increases the value of coins collected around you
- Robbery: Open the right lock to divert some of the income of an opposing player
- Patrols: Improve the security of your buildings against robberies


What is the purpose of Neocash?
It allows you to buy chests in the store in order to obtain items but also to obtain rare cards, to accelerate the construction of your buildings or to obtain new avatars.

How do I get Neocash?
- You can get them for free in your daily rewards as well as in your daily quest rewards
- When you complete a career quest
- Every week according to your ranking
- Every month, at the end of each season, according to your ranking
- In packages
- In the store

Image de trottinetteImage de carte de bus
Image de carte de train
Image de carte d'avion


If you don't have the ability to move in the real world to get around in the game, these items allow you to do it for you via the Travel mode!

The electric scooter allows you to travel often over short distances
The bus pass allows you to travel infrequently over long distances
The train pass allows you to reach a major city in the same country
The plane pass allows you to reach a major city in another country

Each item has a limited number of uses. You get the maximum uses of your items every day!

The level of the items is maintained from one season to the next!

Image de puce électronique

To increase the number of uses, you can spend upgrade modules. You earn them at the end of the season according to your ranking!

Image de batterieImage de batterie

Some consumable items allow you to recharge your transportation items, such as batteries for the electric scooter!

Image de technicien de surfaceImage d'éboueur
Image de coursier/livreur


There are no sub-trades! To run a city properly requires a considerable number of people. Without them, nothing is possible!

Employees are assigned to buildings and give you different bonuses, specific to each employee.

At the end of the season, you recruit a number of employees equivalent to your ranking. Also, some of them will be promoted to the higher rank, and will be more efficient!

Employees are retained from one season to the next!

Image de CV

You can also recruit an employee by collecting 10 resumes, which you can find for example in packages.

Plan EcologiePlan Esthétique
Plan CommunautéPlan Productivité


At the beginning of the season, each building is generated with 3 random layouts that you can build if you have the right plans. Some layouts produce points, so they are essential to climb the ranking!

When you view a building before buying it, only 2 of the 3 layouts are visible. You have to buy this building to know the nature of this 3rd arrangement.

At the end of the season, you earn a number of plans equivalent to your ranking. So every time you get a plan, you can build the corresponding layout in all the buildings that have it!

The planes have several levels: the higher the level you have, the more powerful the facilities you can build. The plans go up in level when you have 3 identical plans (with the same name and the same level).

The plans are kept from one season to the next!

Icône Idées

You can also win a plan by collecting 10 Ideas, which you can for example find in the packages.

Image de passeport et de tampon


To travel in the rest of the world, you will need visas! These are mainly obtained at the end of the season, depending on your ranking.

Each new visa gives you access to a new country of your choice.

Unlocked visas and countries are kept from one season to the next!

Image de calendrier

You can also earn a visa by collecting 10 days off, which you can find for example in the vaults.

Image de colisImage de livraison par drone


They contain many rewards!
Neocoins, cards, resumes, days off, enhancement modules, employees...

You can earn packages in many ways: as rewards for quests, for leveling up your party, in the store, and even on the ground!

Up to 10 packages are kept from one season to the next!

Image de courbe financière

market price

The rarer a building type is, the more revenue it generates. For example, if there are far fewer "Bars" buildings than restaurants built in the region, Bars will generate higher revenues. The market price is updated every 24 hours and is calculated according to the buildings built in the region, so before you build a new building, remember to check the market price!


Any attempt to breach one of the below rules can lead to a sanction:

1. Do not cheat, hack, use mods or exploit bugs in the game. Do not use techniques or practices objectively not foreseen or intended by the game mechanics in order to benefit one's ranking or to the detriment of other Neopolis players.

2. Do not use multiple accounts for any reason, or give yourself unfair advantages by using another person’s account for your own benefit (including ”builder accounts,” “boosting accounts,” or hiring others to perform actions for you). Do not use multiple phones for a single account.

3. Do not sell, buy, or trade in-game items, corporations (including membership) or accounts for real money.

4. In any and all communication channels, including in chats, usernames, corporation's names or slogans, do not use any hate speech, racism or discriminatory language, sexual remarks or allusions, threats or harassment, swearing, or bullying of any kind.

5. Do not adopt disruptive behaviors such as trolling, griefing, embarrassing, offending, threatening, harassing, stalking, discriminating, doxing others, or any similar disruptive actions.

6. Do not engage in phishing or scamming other players.

7. Do not use unauthorized third-party software or tools. This includes applications, hardware or software to simulate a false GPS position (Fake GPS, VPS, VPN, etc.) or automation bots, scripts etc.

8. Do not use the gaming application for any illegal or inappropriate purpose.

9. Do not share or distribute inappropriate or explicit content.

10. Do not organize or promote self-made events or contests with the promise of rewards.

11. Do not promote, ask or solicit players to follow/join any other social platforms, links, or communities, even your own and even if they’re about the game. Do not advertise for any other brand or product.

12. Do not engage in any activity that disrupts the normal operation of the game or server.

13. Do not attempt to access or manipulate the game's servers or data in any unauthorized way.

14. Do not impersonate staff members or falsely represent yourself as a representative of the game or its developers.


1. Follow the game's rules and terms of service.

Chat in Neopolis:

- Players join Neopolis to have fun! Let them escape the real world. Avoid politics, offensive subjects or heated debates. Please choose from the many other existing platforms out there to engage in arguments that could be unpleasant for other players.

- Be mindful of your own behavior and respect other players and staff at all times. Choose appropriate words. The following are considered improper: hate speech, discriminatory language, sexual allusions, and swearing. Use the language of the country/city chat you are in, and avoid slang and dialects.

- Respect everyone’s privacy. Do not share personal information about yourself or other players. This includes social media profiles or any other chatting/messaging platform details, with the exception of your nickname on the official Neopolis or Neoland Discord servers.

- Do not spam or flood the chat with unnecessary messages or emojis.  Don’t trick or encourage other players to do it. To avoid spamming, keep any announcements (e.g. Corporations or auctions) about the game to a maximum of 1 message per hour.

- Do not impersonate other players, troll or provoke.

- Moderators can delete your messages, mute you from the chat, or even temporarily disable your account if you do not respect the rules of the chat mentioned above. If you feel a decision is unfair, do not discuss or debate it in public for yourself or on behalf of others. Contact our community support by opening a ticket.

3. Antisocial, toxic or negative tactics and behaviors 

We don’t tolerate any harm toward other players. 

Never engage in bullying or harassing behavior toward other players. Do not behave in any way that could be perceived as such, even if meant as a joke or prank. This includes but is not limited to interactions by any means whether via chats or game mechanics:

- Team up with other players or encourage others to harass or bully one or more players.

- Intentionally target, repeatedly, or relentlessly attack a smaller group of players.

- Intentionally, repeatedly, or relentlessly prevent smaller groups from obtaining status or ranking by abusing a position of disproportionate power, through behaviors deemed toxic, harmful to the community, fairplay or the balance of the game.

- Getting involved in such behaviors exposes you to temporary or permanent ban from the service.

4. As a member of the community of Neopolis/Revolt Games players, you are expected to report any inappropriate behavior or violations of the rules, including hacks or bug exploits you witness, as soon as you become aware of them, in order to keep the community safe and fun for everyone. The staff is here to help you, provide support and ensure the game is a safe and fair place. You can find moderators on and reach support at

5. Continued misbehavior may result in the temporary or permanent and complete suspension of your game account. The same outcome can occur if someone makes fake reports solely to get someone banned.

6. We value feedback (even negative) about the game, please use the right channels to make sure your opinion is seen and has an impact. You can report bugs or make suggestions on our Discord in the corresponding channels.

7. We expect players to follow the same guidelines on all our social platforms.