Feature Spotlight: The Training Center ✨

Train your employees in the all-new Training Center! Employees are no longer stuck at their current level: by assigning them to the Center, they will go up to level 2 in 24h and to level 3 in 48h. They won’t randomly level up at the end of the season anymore: now you are the one in control of their training. But that’s not all: it is also possible for Employees to start a new carrier: Select any one of your Employees and convert it to another job. It takes a bit more time, of course.

Starting this season, you have 1 free slot in the Formation Center. You can buy up to 2 more slots to train more Employees at the same time.

More Features

  • To progress faster on your Blueprint collection, they can now be upgraded using a “Blueprint Joker”, that can be used for any type of Blueprint. You can find Blueprint Jokers in the Investor Club.
  • From a certain price, you can now buy your building slots in Neocoins or Neocash.
  • Many new offers are now available in the Shop, make sure to have a look!
  • Some new animations and art have been added to the game, can you spot them?
  • Parties can now change their name against Neocash!

Balancing Updates ⚖️

Now, an additional 25% of your income is added to your Savings Account, instead of 10%.

This season, there is no balancing update on the core gameplay. The changes we want to make to improve the game requires more than just variable’s changes. Stay tuned to know about the gameplay updates what will come in the further months.

Bugs fixes 🐛

  • Performance optimisations on several pages
  • Some “red dots” were displayed even when there was nothing to do
  • Fix the link to the Discord
  • Investor Club's UX improvements for a better understanding
  • Fix on Mystery Blueprint timers
  • Fix grey screen displayed when applying the last card to a building
  • Fix Halloween padlock asset when successful heist
  • Change “improve layout” button, to differ it from “unlock layout” button
  • Fix employee’s assigned building displayed in some views
  • German mistranslation about buildings types' filter in buying view
  • Fix on sound (which paused the music)
  • Fix POI’s influence bar UI in POIs’ view